Wooden Keychain <TRAVELING> Keychain Gifts
Wooden Keychain <TRAVELING> Keychain Gifts

Wooden Keychain <TRAVELING> Keychain Gifts

15 USD

Wooden keychain is a sturdy, reliable accessory for everyday use.
The keyring will be a pleasant talisman and a positive companion for you. A perfect gift for a friend, a loved one and a partner in spirit.

Keyrings are sold in a special bag made of natural fabric. Wear the keys in the firm bag of FLinders and it will protect your things from scratching with the keys.

Equipment and accessories:
A genuine bag is a key case.
Finish keychain: natural eco oil
Dimensions of key fob: L-64 B-24 H-5 mm
Material keychain - oak,
The shape is rectangular;
Steel - a ring, a star, a heart, a carbine.

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FLinders - Woodwork | Keys for Wood and Steel Keys

Keychains to choose from for your home, car, motorcycle, bicycle, studio and office.
Video review of remote controls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUCXF6l0Bbs 

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Wooden Keychain <TRAVELING> Keychain GiftsWooden Keychain <TRAVELING> Keychain GiftsWooden Keychain <TRAVELING> Keychain GiftsWooden Keychain <TRAVELING> Keychain Gifts

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