Corporate Gifts for Employees | Clients

Corporate Gifts for Employees | Clients
June 29, 2018, 1:03 p.m.

FLinders Woodwork Provides a Service for Making Special Gifts for Employees and Customers of the Company. For Large Orders → Large Discounts.

You can order such products from wood:

1. Stands for Smartphones with Personal Branding.

2. Keychains with Engraving by Company Name or Wish.
Wooden Keychains with a Steel Snap and in the Special Bag FLinders.

3. Stands for Apple

4. Stylish Tie Butterfly for Men and Bright Wooden Butterfly for Girls.

5. Interior Items and Workstation Organizers

6. Stands for MacBook

All Store Assortment

To make an order please call +38093 637 9009
Also you can buy without a call with delivery.

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